An EV charging ecosystem built from Experience.

Hundreds of companies use Lynkwell’s ecosystem of tools and partnerships to grow, manage, and optimize their EV operations, backed by our team of seasoned professionals responsible for the installation and maintainence of thousands of EV charging stations every year.

Solutions for Everything EV Charging

We’ve built our ecosystem of solutions from the ground up as we’ve helped scale networks to include first hundreds, and then thousands of EV charging stations. Let us put those same partnerships and tools to work for you to grow your network faster than ever before.

Software Platform

Branded White Label EV Experience

Take advantage of years of industry research with our pre-configured white-label solutions. Go from zero to launch in 60 days or less, working alongside seasoned industry professionals.

Extendable REST API with Real-Time Data Sync

Need something even more customized? We offer a complete REST API that you can use to build a completely custom user experience.

Prebuilt Payment Integrations

Our system comes complete with industry-standard PCI-compliant payment integrations from day one. Whether you want to process one-time payments or utilize monthly accounts, we’ve got you covered.

Easy-to-Use Management Tool Suite

Over the last five years, we’ve built the tools our team uses daily to manage thousands of charging stations. Now you have access to the same ones.

Custom Branded EV Charging Platform
Lynkwell Hardware Options

Charging Equipment and Connected Technology

Level 2 and DCFC Stations

Charging for all applications. Select from a full range of the industry’s best electric vehicle station equipment (EVSE), including Level 2 AC and DCFC stations from leading manufacturers. Options including payment terminals, RFID and NFC readers, mobile application access, and cable management systems are available for every application, from public light-duty charging to medium and heavy-duty fleet charging. Resiliency minded? Ask about our energy storage and solar generation options.

Pre-Approved for Funding Programs

Your projects can get funding. All qualifying equipment is pre-processed for preapproval and registration in incentive programs across over 1,700 utilities and agencies in the United States and Canada. Offering new equipment? Find out how to qualify your technology for Make-Ready, Charge Ready, ZEV, and more programs.

Out of the Box Connectivity + Interoperability

Preconfigured and ready to go. Communication options for cellular, wifi, ethernet, and LAN or non-networked station deployments with connectivity testing before delivery or field installation. Network pre-configuration is completed per client specification based on access requirements and station groupings. All equipment was tested for conformance with industry standards such as Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Buy America and Contract Approved

With products validated as Assembled in the U.S.A,  Made in the U.S.A, and Buy America compliant, compare station options based on sourced materials and assembly location to meet the required standards of your projects. Ensure your meeting organizational purchasing standards by buying from selected procurement contracts such as Sourcewell or TIPS or via the General Service Administration’s Blanket Purchasing Agreement (GSA BPA) for federal agencies.

Installers & Service Professionals

Qualified Installation Teams

Licensed electricians and support staff are available across the United States and Canada to help navigate the permitting process and deliver expertise for seamless construction. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) Certified Electricians can be requested for those seeking or requiring the industry standard in safety and quality. Find an EVITP-certified installer

Engineering & Design

Select from “GO” site plans as designed by award-winning firms or leverage partners specializing in multi-discipline engineering and architectural design to transform your projects from concept to reality. Advanced services for civil site planning, surveying and geospatial, geotechnical and environmental, telecommunications, utilities, and energy analysis, and beyond.

Certified Maintenance

Find support for your warranties and service plans and connect with technicians certified by the manufacturers in the inspection and maintenance of your charging equipment and infrastructure. Explore opportunities for continued support and ask us about warranty extensions, field response solutions, and equipment replacement or upgrade options.

Project Management

To ensure complete planning and performance of all project components, centralized project managers can bring all the pieces together. The adherence to timelines, alignment of contractors, obtainment of approvals, and the commissioning of stations is complex enough at one site – explore what a central PM can do for multi-site network build-outs.

Network Developers & Investors

Build a Charging Network

Control every aspect of your charging infrastructure and launch your network as a Charge Point Operator (CPO) or Charging Station Operator (CSO) using our custom software toolkit or select from our existing partner networks for an off-the-shelf solution to be completely hands-off. Either way, your organization will enjoy all the benefits of enhanced market access through the Lynkwell ecosystem, including instant network-to-network roaming agreements to improve driver access to your stations.

Start a Driver Network

Enhance your market presence with your branded driver network and establish your capabilities as an eMobility Service Provider (EMSP, also known as EMP/MSP) through our quick launch software with mobile applications for IOS and Android devices. Establish driver groups, pricing, and membership plans, automate transaction settlement and benefit from Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol for inter-network contract settlement.

Financing and Lease Options

Leverage existing financing or lease options for your equipment and projects or offer them to your customers as pre-packaged options, including Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Find out how you can support fleet electrification, public charging projects, or multi-family and workplace station build-outs with a combined incentive-financing bundle.

Infrastructure Investment

Connect with investors to identify potential charging station locations and collaborate on site development strategies. Potential site hosts can register addresses, plots or coordinates, businesses, or organizations as prospect locations. Lynkwell investment partners will begin qualifying investment potential based on various ownership models.

The Lynkwell Platform for Software Developers and EVSE Manufacturers

Go to market in record time by saving over 1,000 development hours with our pre-built system. We’ve already done the heavy lifting, freeing you to remain laser-focused on your core business.

Lynkwell promotes interoperable and scalable infrastructure by developing with an API-first architecture and standardized protocols such as OCPP. All the data you could need is available at your fingertips with our real-time webhooks and robust REST API. We understand that each collaboration is unique, so we encourage you to speak with our in-house development team to see how we can help.