Exploring Parallels at the Electric Vehicle Charging Summit: Are EVs the New Smartphones?

Looking back, the advent of the smartphone feels almost like a fever dream. The evolution from home-based landlines to mobile mini supercomputers seems like it happened seamlessly, and most consumers barely remember the challenges of the in-between phases of adoption now that the smartphone is so ubiquitous. In a recent keynote speech delivered by Andrew […]

Maximize Your Charging Revenue with Lynkwell’s Time of Use Pricing

Unlock the full potential of your EV charging site with Lynkwell’s Time of Use pricing functionality. Designed to maximize revenue and manage costs, this feature empowers site hosts to optimize their energy use. With Time of Use pricing, site hosts can set dynamic pricing structures that adapt based on the time of day or day […]

Key Webinar Takeaways: Exploring School Bus Electrification

In the world of e-mobility, the transition of public school bus fleets to zero-emissions alternatives is prompting discourse. As electric buses gain momentum in schools across the U.S. to reduce emissions, improve children’s health and save money on fuel and maintenance costs, many transportation and school professionals have questions about the procurement, operation and funding […]