Launching Your Branded EV Charging Solution

With the Lynkwell ecosystem giving you everything you need to build your network, the deployment platform helps you make it happen. Network management and eMobility software customized per your application, project management and funding strategies, ongoing station operation, and technical support means that deploying and maintaining your bespoke infrastructure and driver solutions has never been easier.

The Lynkwell Network Launch Process

We’ve built our ecosystem of solutions from the ground up as we scaled to thousands of EV charging stations. Let us put those same partnerships and tools to work for you to grow your network faster than ever before.

1. Defining an eMobility Strategy

Your Business Needs

Whether you’re maintaining a private fast-charging network for a fleet of heavy-duty delivery vehicles or are setting up a semi-public charging amenity program for tenants across a real-estate portfolio, the methods of payment and access, driver/vehicle authorization requirements and the rules governing the site will be driven by your intended use cases and organizational goals. We will help craft a tailored approach based on your needs.

Brand Coordination

Leverage the flexibility of the software toolkit for a cohesive network deployment of hardware and system applications that match your organization’s identity and meet your business needs to create a seamless experience for your drivers. We can show you what used to be overly complex and out of reach for most station owners is now available to all.

Operational Plan

From the energy management and load balancing plans for the stations to the ownership and management model of the sites, we can help to complement your resources and fill in where support is needed. This is where we get to look beyond the initial project and lay the groundwork for the ongoing success of a scalable and sustainable eMobility solution with a maximal impact on your business.

2. Building Your EV Network

Design and Planning

Hundreds of service partners and certified electricians across the United States and Canada are platform approved and able to provide everything from consulting support to turnkey project management. Discover how our partner solutions support technology selection, site plan engineering, installation, and more.

Programs & Incentives

Site design and planning activities are done with a crosscheck of potential eligibility for funding sources, including make-ready and hardware incentives, operational reimbursement programs, credits, and grant opportunities. A dedicated incentive strategy team is available to guide you in maximizing your funding potential.

Procurement Contracts

For customers or sites which require purchasing via a bidding process or an established contract, all of the equipment and many of the services can be obtained through several cooperative purchasing contracts, state contracts, and by the General Services Administration (GSA) procurement schedule for federal agencies. Ask us how you can access these contracts to streamline the approval of your projects and fast-track your network.

3. Operational Support and Scale

Customer Service

Our US-based customer service is there 24/7 with troubleshooting, remote support, updates, patches, and network repairs. A three-tiered service program provides choices in extended coverage for your network, including Tier 1 phone support for drivers and site hosts, Tier 2 for advanced technical support on hardware and software, and Tier 3 offering various levels of site and warranty support – ensuring you’ve got the full-time network support you need.


Real-time monitoring and automated alerts are standard for our network operations and allow us to provide immediate support, including initiation of service responses and deployment of maintenance personnel. Additional and extended warranty support, including unit replacements, may be available, so ask how we can provide you with the ultimate level of protection.


Station utilization and network performance data are readily available to help you meet reporting requirements, inform optimization strategies, and identify opportunities to expand or adjust infrastructure. Improve your infrastructure ROI with demand management controls, driver pricing comparisons, equipment uptime, reliability reports, and modeling with energy for enhanced asset planning and energy management. Ask about how peak shaving can be implemented to control your energy costs.

Leveraging NEVI For Your Network

We can help you participate in the NEVI program with compliant, fast-track site design and buildout, funding procurement, and tiered investment options.